Bucket List

Good morning all –

Recently I enjoyed an adventure trip with a group of friends.  We went white water rafting and zip lining in East Tennessee.  We all loved it and are looking forward to going back.  Our first night there at dinner we were discussing what we were expecting from the trip.  One of the guys said that he had been wanting to go rafting, that it was on his bucket list.  That got me thinking, I remembered that I had my list of “things I want to do in life”.  I wrote it when I was 17; probably while I should have been paying attention in class.

So here is my bucket list or as I like to call it, My List of Things I Want to in Life:  i want to meditate in the middle of a field – i want to learn how to ballroom dance – i want to drink wine – i want to experience how other people live – i want to build my custom planned house – i want to fall in love – i want to get married – i want to plant wildflowers in my backyard – i want to help other people – i want to walk around the block every morning – i want to learn how to ride a horse – i want to go white water rafting – i want to ride in a hot air balloon – i want to be a good sister – i want to recycle – i want to go mountain biking – i want to graduate high school – i want to learn how to cook delicate foods – i want to be hostess of a dinner party – i want to except others as they are – i want to check my email without hassle – i want to be a good coworker – i want to take a cruise – i want to be a better friend – i want to go to an opera – i want to go to a cathedral – i want to witness a catholic christening – i want to see a broadway play and musical – i want to let my fingernails grow – i want to go to yoga classes – i want to paint a beautiful landscape painting – i want to decorate my house – i want to buy a fish tank and put it in my kitchen – i want to photograph a full moon and lightning – i want to go to new york city – i want to save money – i want to drive a convertible with a scarf around my head and sunglasses – i want to write a poem about my inner feelings – i want to catch butterflies – i want to get married outside and i want to be bare footed – i want to get a professional pedicure – i want to sleep in front of a fire place – i want to have a vegetable garden and eat the vegetables.

I am excited to say that I have completed many of these things in the past 14 years.  Some of them make me laugh, others I am still excited about doing one day.  What would I add to my list if I were to write another one?  I will have to think about that for awhile.



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