itching to travel…

Hunter Reno, Brooke Burke, Samantha Brown and Justine Shapiro are just some of the host that I loved to watch travel the world and share their adventures with me through my tv.  Everything they did looked so exciting.  Even if they did eat food that looked less than edible to me.  I still daydream about all the places I hope to visit one day.  Right now some of my hotspots are Holland, England, Ireland, Banff National Park, and my husband wants to take me to Spain.

So far one of my favorite places that I have visited is Venice.  I have heard a lot of people say they didn’t like, that it was hot, stinky, crowded, and so on.  We went over Thanksgiving one year and I felt like we had the whole magical city to ourselves.  It wasn’t the least bit crowded and didn’t stink at all.  We didn’t have to wait in any lines to get in anywhere and many times we were the only customers in the stores.  It just seemed so surreal to me.  I loved how peaceful it seemed and how quiet it could be.  One night we were strolling through the maze of streets and could here the opera singers – wow.  I hope to visit Venice again one day.


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