Today waiting for me in the mailbox were two new bras that I ordered.  I couldn’t wait to see how they look and fit.  I love getting new bras.  They instantly make me feel more self confident and sexier.  I have discovered the European lingerie and I love it.  They offer support and color options other than black, white, and beige.  Is beige really a color???  Some of the brands I like are Elomi, Panache, Chantelle, Simone Perele, Prima Donna, and Va Bien.  Some offer better support and others offer much better sexiness.  For support my favorite in Elomi.  I feel like they are worth the price, even if you can only afford one per year I say it’s worth the splurge.  As I was driving to work I was thinking about it and was asking myself what I like about them, for me I know that I will get the lift and separation that I am looking for so that the girls look good.  Then I was thinking what other women look for, some of my friends don’t have as much up top (I think they are the lucky ones) and what they are looking for is lift and major cleavage.  Isn’t it funny that I want the separation so it doesn’t look like I have a uni-boob and they specifically buy the bras that will encourage there boobs together?  I say do whatever works for you and makes you feel great about your body.


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