Lane Motor Museum

Today Cory and I went to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.  I had so much fun.  There weren’t any ropes blocking you from seeing all the cars up close and personal.  They just ask that you don’t touch them.  I think that is awesome for a museum.  They even had a cute little blue car that was the “photo car” and you could get in and take pictures of you and your loved ones, or any other weirdo you took to the museum.  I loved all the micro cars that they had.  It’s makes me want one of the new American Fiats even more.  I think it would be a great place to take children (as long as they are old enough to understand the no touching policy).  And it wasn’t crowded at all.  I know that this past Father’s Day it was free and they had the basement open.  I definitely want to try to go the next time the basement is open.  I wonder what goodies they keep down there.  Great way to spend the afternoon.


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