family room make-over

This past Sunday we painted our family/tv room.  It looks so much better.  The previous owners painted nearly every room in our house a shiny, bad shade of beige.  Not my cup of tea.  Since we had all the outlet plate covers off anyway, we decided to finish switching out all of the outlets and switches (we had changed a few of them when I redid the bathroom in there).  So now most everything is fresh and clean.  We still need to paint the trim, install a new ceiling fan and replace the flooring.  Soon our new couch will be here; I can’t wait to see it in there.  I still have a lot of small projects that I need to do to complete the room: pick out family photos to hang up, spray paint frames, paint two tables, and make curtains.

I want to mention two products that I now love.  The first is Frog Tape.  I love this painters tape.  It is so much better than the old blue tape that I have used in the past.  What a big difference the right tape can make.  The second is Sherwin Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex paint.  It looks so smooth and rich on my walls and we only needed two coats of paint (no priming).  I am ready to paint every room in the house now.


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