my trip to Spain

My husband, little sister, her college roommate and myself took a trip to Spain.  We visited Madrid, Segovia, and Seville.  One of my  dear friends wanted to hear all about our trip and emailed me a list of 836 (or there about) questions.  As I was writing her back, I realized that it was really a run down of our vacation so I thought I would share it with my blog friends too.  The questions in blue and purple are from my friend and then my response follows.

Was there anything disappointing about the country?  I’ve always heard that the French were rude to Americans, but I’m gonna tell you I definitely felt on several, several occasions that we were being slighted in Madrid, Spain. When we travel we try to experience the culture of where we are and experience it like a local.  The people in Madrid made that difficult.  We would speak Spanish to them and they would roll their eyes and speak broken English to us.  Just not really welcoming or hospitable.  We did have a couple of nice people in Madrid, but as a whole kind of rude.  The farther South we went, the nicer the people became and the less English they spoke.  I wasn’t overly impressed with Madrid, but I loved Seville.  It was very charming and quaint.  I loved how everyone rode their bikes everywhere.  I would definitely visit Seville again.

Did you try the food?  Did you guys enjoy the food?  What was your favorite and least favorite thing that you ate?  I’m in no way a foodie.  I don’t like to be adventurous when it comes to food.  I like to know what I am eating just by looking at it.  So yes, I tried the food, but only stuff that I felt comfortable eating:  boneless chicken, pasta, toast, pizza.  Cory and the WonderTwins did much better than I did.  They enjoyed a lot of the local cuisine:  paella, whole fish (with the eyeballs still looking at you),  Iberian sausage sandwiches, duck, empanadas, and chorizo.  My favorite was breakfast, tostada con mantequilla.  I ate this every morning we were there.  Each time the bread was a little bit different depending where we were; my favorite was at the train station in Segovia.  My least favorite thing that I ordered was a filet in Madrid.  It was pretty much from the field to our table minus the fur.  It was raw; very, very rare (still bleeding).  I could not bring myself to eat it, but Cory ate it all and I had the fries that came with it.

Do trips like this make Cory want to leave the country seriously??  Cory has been itching to go back to Spain since I met him.  He is already talking about “when we go back” and told my Mom to get her passport so she could visit us when we retire there.  Only time will tell.  I think it is something that he would seriously like to do; spend 1/2 the year there, or traveling in Europe, and the other 1/2 here.  He does love Spain.  I think he saw a lot of the same stuff he saw last time, but I know a couple of the places we went were new to him.  If we won the lottery tomorrow (it would be really weird because we didn’t even buy a ticket) I feel like we would buy a house there.

My favorite spot was the Reales Alcazares de Sevilla.  I felt like I could spend weeks there and not have enough time to enjoy all of it.  I told Cory after being there about 30 minutes that I wanted a “season pass”.  Everything inside had so much detail to it and outside the gardens were spectacular.  I can only imagine what the insides looked like and how it all shimmered when it was new and in full color.  In the Patio de las Doncellas amongst all the intricate carvings are doll faces.  I think I heard on tv one time that there are 6 doll faces in the courtyard.  While we were there I just happen to remember that this is the place with the doll faces, look up and there was one.  I wish I had taken a picture, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time.  Next time I think I will plan on spending more time at the Palace (and make sure I have full batteries for my camera).


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