art, from the thrift shop

I love find fun and unique from thrift shops.  I have been going to thrifts shops for at least the past 15 years.  Here’s what I have learned in those years, first don’t expect to walk in and find that certain something that you’ve always wanted.  You have to go often and with an open mind ; consider yourself lucky on the days you do find something you love.  Second, you have to look past what things seem to be and think what could I make it become?  One of my favorite sections of any thrift shop is the framed art section.  As I am going through the art I look at each piece as two seperate pieces, the frame is one and whatever is inside the frame is the second.  Very rarely do I like it as a pair that I can take home as is and hang on my walls.  Often times I will buy a piece just for the artwork and then find a frame at a later date.  Keep in mind that you can have a custom mat made for around $7 at a store like Hobby Lobby, so if I find a frame that will fit my new artwork in a general sense I will use it.  Even if I don’t need any frames at the momment if I like the frame I buy it (if it’s cheap enough).  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, if you think you like it and you want it don’t think too much about it.  Thrift shops aren’t the place to drag your feet or think too long on something.  I have learned this lesson the hard way, so now even if I am only considering it I will normally go ahead and buy it.  In the end if you decide that it isn’t something you want you can always redonate it or ask your friends and family if they want it.

I don’t ever spend a lot of money on anything I buy from a thrift shop, usually I stay under $5 dollars.  Not to say that I haven’t ever spent more on something that I really love, but normally I don’t.

Here are some of my favorite art finds.  Enjoy your next thrift shop adventure.

this is one of my newest pieces

this was just a simple 4x6 print, I added the mat and then scrap booking paper to the background

this is the Sacred Heart Catherdral in Paris. I love this Catherdral. I found this print in an ugly mauve frame. Bought it, added a mat and a better frame and now I love it.

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