Something, for Nothing

I love free stuff!  Some people might say that things are never free, but I beg to differ.  Free stuff is thrown away everyday.

For example, Coke points.  I enter Coke points on and get free stuff all the time.  Most of the time those points were just given to me by family members, I don’t drink many coke products at home.  I have gotten an apron for Cory, a yoga mat, and tons of magazines.  All it takes is a little time on my part and a few weeks later my mailbox has a gift in it just for me.  You could always use points to receive items for a gift for someone else or donate them to someone in the community that might need a little help.  They have everything from clothing, pots & pans, exercise equipment, jewelry, beach towels, picnic blankets, and the list goes on and on.

Something else to think about, Box Tops for Education.  Rather you have kids or you don’t these little Box Tops are free money for schools.  Cory and I save ours and give them to my niece, Juliana.  They collect quickly without having to go out of your way.  We find them on products that we buy every week at the grocery store, Target, and even Staples.  I have a little jar on the window sill above my kitchen sink and when it gets full I send them to Juliana.  If you don’t have any young children in your family think about your neighborhood, your coworkers with children, your Church family or just drop them off at a school close by.  It makes me feel good to help out the children.

Just wanted to share some freebies with you.  Have a good week.


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