Lotz House

My dear friend, Brittanie, came up to my house this past Monday night, so that we could go shopping all day Tuesday.  I feel like we surpassed her goals of getting some new summer clothes.  During our day of shopping we took a break to visit the Lotz House in Franklin.  We took the tour and loved it!  Our guide’s name was, J.T. and he was full of knowledge.  He paints a picture that allows you to see first hand how the family lived and survived with the Civil War going on all around them, just on the other side of their home’s walls.  The two things that stuck with me the most were, first the piece of the south wall before the repairs were made after the Civil War.  It looked like a piece of wooden swiss cheese.  I can’t imagine “waking up” (as if they were able to sleep with the war going on) and realizing that I survived that and how now you can see perfectly out of the walls and roof of my home from all the damage.  Second, there was a young girl that lived in the Lotz house during this time and her name was Matilda Lotz.  I think J.T. said she was 6 when the Union soldiers took over their house and belongings.  She grew up to be an amazing artist.  You can see several of her original paintings at the Lotz House.  I loved the painting of cows in the foyer.  Check out the web site at:  www.lotzhouse.com  If you are visiting Franklin, don’t miss the Lotz House.


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