Tasty Tuesday

March 27, 2012 – The Bunganut Pig Pub & Eatery, Franklin, TN

Cory and I tried the Bunganut Pig for the first time and it was a great experience.  It was the perfect evening to sit outside, enjoy some live music, tasty cocktails, and comfort food.  I am sure we will visit the Bunganut Pig more often in the future.  I had a hamburger steak smothered in mushrooms and gravy with mashed potatoes on the side.  This isn’t my typical option when eating out, but it was an excellent choice.  Cory had a ribeye wrap and fries.  They only had RC to drink, so that was new to me.  Rachael Johnson was signing and playing the guitar and she was great.  Sometimes I think live music can be too loud and in your face at restaurants, but Rachael was just right.  She sang a lot of songs that I knew (and could sing along too) and she also sang songs that she had written.  The prices are very reasonable and the area outside had a fun, hip vibe, all in all a relaxing, pleasant evening for me and Cory.


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