Tasty Tuesday

April 24 – Red Dog Wine & Spirits and Zolo’s Italian Restaurant, Franklin, TN

Our tasty Tuesday started off at Red Dog’s to do a bourbon tasting.  Cory did most of the tasting here.  I did try one,Old Forester.  At first it burned, but then it just left a cinnamon taste in my mouth.  I like to go to the tasting parties at Red Dog not because I love the free samples of alcohol, but because the staff is so knowledgable and they tell you all about the bourbon.  How it is made, recommended way to serve it, the differences in the ones that you are tasting, etc.  I like to hear all the information; I feel like I might win a trivia game some time with the little facts I learn at Red Dog’s.

We didn’t know what to expect when we decided to go to Zolo’s, and when we got there and saw that there were only 5 other couples in the whole restaurant (I counted) it did make me a bit nervous that there weren’t more people.  The atmosphere was like the typical Italian restaurant in America – clear, twinkle lights, fake grapes, pictures of Italian landmarks, Italian words on plates, and last, but not to be forgotten, the little chubby chefs on everything.  Cory had the Chicken Saltimbocca ($22) and I had Baked Tortelloni ($16.95).  Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how good our meal was.  I am not sure why the were so dead that Tuesday night, because everything we had was really good.  Also, on Tuesdays they have a special and all bottles of wine are 1/2 off.  I will say I was in the mood to try several courses that night, but after looking over the menu I decided just to have the baked tortelloni because every thing seemed to be super rich and drenched with cheese.  Their dessert tray was tempting, but we were both stuffed so we skipped it.  The next time we are in the mood for some Italian comfort food Zolo’s will be our top choice.


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