Fontanel & Cafe Fontanella

A few weeks ago Cory and I went to tour Fontanel (Barbara Mandrell’s former log cabin home).   The property is gorgeous.  I love the woodsiness feeling it has.  It has a long winding driveway, and then all of a sudden you see the back, windowed wall, of the house and you realize it isn’t exactly a small, cozy log cabin.  After all the cabin has over 27,000 square feet.  Then the driver drops you off at the front door and you enter into a huge foyer, to the left is the formal dining room and to the right is the great room.  As we begin our tour, the tour guide tells us that they encourage everyone to make themselves at home, if you want to play the guitars hanging on the walls – they want you to, if you want to curl up on Barbara’s bed – they want you to, if you want to dance in the sun on top of the pool – they want you to.  After all it is a home first and foremost, not a museum.  The first room we visit is the Great Room and great it is.  This room will hold 200 people during all the parties that go on there.  You can’t help but notice as you walk around the home that it is a step back in time, all the back to 1987.  Everyone always says Graceland looks exactly like it did when Elvis lived there, well Fontanel looks exactly like it did when Barbara Mandrell lived there.  For those people who are country music fans, you will enjoy all the country music memorabilia throughout the house and the history that goes with it.  The tour lasted about an hour.  Our tour was good, but I do wish that we could have seen more of the house and even walk around the outside of the house more.

We ate at Cafe Fontanella while we were there.  It serves rustic Italian food.  Cory had gnocchi and I had pizza.  Cory said his gnocchi was tasty.  My pizza was good, but not what I was expecting, it didn’t have any sauce on it and it had a lot of ricotta cheese on it.  Cory said it tasted like a stuffed shell on pizza crust.  They do have these garlic bread bites – they were so good.

They also have hiking/biking trails and frisbee golf there, so that could be a lot of fun on a cooler day.


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